Using Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides Essay

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Introduction Using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural sectors is rapidly growing by the passage of time. This is useful in some aspects of this sector as it helps to preserve various items fresh. But is it always good enough for us to use these things? Here comes the question that is this process harmful to our health? The chemicals and pesticides we use in this process are so detrimental to human health that various diseases are happening to humans due to these usages. Even death is not uncommon amongst usages of these. Chemicals and pesticides being used in this sector are enormously toxic. Nowadays this issue becomes very serious among city dwellers. In Dhaka it is almost impossible to find chemicals and pesticides free agricultural products. But, to have chemicals and pesticides free agricultural products, customers must pay some additional amount along with regular prices. In our study we have tried to find out whether random citizens are willing to pay for additional amount for chemicals and pesticides free agricultural products. And we have put some questions to our respondents to answer that are crucial factors to see the relationship of additional payment. Objectives of the study Our objective of this study is to find out that some given factors i.e. marital status, family monthly income, education level and knowledge about using chemicals and pesticides in agricultural sector how much affect the decision of paying additional amount for
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