Using Classical And Operant Conditioning

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7. Using classical or operant conditioning, describe step by step how you can teach someone a skill in your field. What is the behavior you want them to learn, if classical conditioning is used, what is the US, UR, NS, CS and CR. If using operant conditioning, what is the behavior you want to increase or decrease and what is the reinforcer that is used to increase or decrease that behavior. (ex., if you are in business and you want to increase productivity, what would you do?). How does their biology, motivation, cognitions and emotions influence their acquisition of the skill? Operant conditioning could be used to increase students’ performance on their tests. One thing that could be done to reinforce this behavior would be to reward the whole class for increased performance on their tests with a pizza party. I would just say that if the whole class has an average of 90% on the test, then they will get a pizza party. They would be more likely to study and therefore do better on the test because they want the pizza. The students will have to have a drive to want to get better grade and then the reward of that also. Their emotions have to be determined to do better, if they are to get the reward that they seek. 8. Identify three strategies you can use to improve your memory and recall. Explain how you plan to implement them. Number 1) Rehearsing repeatedly. New memories are weak, exercise them repeatedly and they will become strong. I plan to implement this strategy by
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