Using Clean Coal Technologies to Reduce Air Pollution

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Using Clean Coal Technologies to Reduce Air Pollution ASDF SCI/275 September 4, 2011 Kristal Davis Fadtke Using Clean Coal Technologies to Reduce Air Pollution Air pollution is of pronounced concern in the media lately. Some of the effects of air pollution include the increase of carbon in the atmosphere which contributes to the global warming effect. The effects have been felt with record temperatures on the east coast and in the Midwestern United States this summer. One major contribution to the pollution is the use of coal to generate electricity. Approximately 50% of the power in the United States comes from coal fired electrical generation plants (UCSUSA, 2009). A typical 500 megawatt generation plant burns 1.4 million…show more content…
This system does require a large footprint to install, but it does produce a saleable byproduct. Nitrogen oxides are removed in a combination of ways (Sen, 2010). Figure one is a chart of the different ways this is done. Typically one technology is not used but a combination of them. As shown in the table, not all of the technologies are as effective as those to remove sulfur oxides, thus a combinational approach is used. One of the more impressive developments in clean coal technology has been the fluidized bed technology (Berg & Hagar, 2007). This technology has been in development since the 1980s and represents a great leap forward in the clean burning of coal. This technology allows the burning of coal with high sulfur content with little to no pollution (Berg & Hagar, 2007). The country Turkey has been developing the technology to work with their low quality coal resources as well as different biomasses including olive cake (Eskin & Hepbasil, 2006). The use of this technology permits greater generation of electricity with the lower quality fuels that are available in Turkey (Eskin & Hepbasil, 2006). The emissions are greatly reduced by the introduction of limestone into the fuel prior to the combustion chamber (Berg & Hagar, 2007). This neutralizes the majority of the acidic compounds produced during combustion. This technology also creates more heat with less fuel allowing for less

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