Using Close Reading to Improve Critical Thinking Skills: A Project

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Objectives In producing my project my objectives are: • To integrate close reading strategies with the literacy/science curriculum to improve critical thinking outcomes with a group of 45 kindergarteners in a medium sized suburban kindergarten classroom • To determine if using close reading can help close the increasing achievement gap between kindergarten and first grade Hispanic and non-Hispanic learners • To develop a variety of close reading activities that can be used in kindergarten and first grade classes • To share my knowledge and results with colleagues at my school Project Description My project has been to investigate how to implement close reading strategies as a means to develop critical thinking skills starting in…show more content…
I will share my lesson plans and knowledge of close reading with my colleagues as part of professional development. Project Schedule The following timeline was used as a guide to the development of my project: Tracking Plan APRIL May June September Research Phase Design Phase Presentation Phase • Assess student performance on state testing (analyze Illinois State Report card, look at demographics, achievement gap) • Needs assessment of diverse learners (how do their needs differ? does close reading contrast with ELL strategies?, best practices) • Research on close reading strategies (what research has been done, what can be implemented in a kindergarten classroom with nonreaders) • Implementation of close reading strategies in the classroom • Use of teacher developed materials • Collaboration with Reading Specialist • Data collection, analysis • Professional development to share results • Implementation of year long close reading in the kindergarten classroom (about one per theme) Key Decisions • Close reading effective in developing critical thinking skills • Meeting the needs of diverse learners • How to implement close reading in the kindergarten classroom • Data collection/results • Method of professional
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