Using Cloud Storage And Collaboration Solutions

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Over the last several years, there has been a shift in how technology is designed, produced, and utilized. Historically, technology was produced in low quantities for a high cost, limiting the customer base to corporations and few wealthy individuals. Today, many technologies are produced in high quantities for a cost that is affordable to individual consumers (Banerjee, 2012). As these technologies become increasingly affordable, more are beginning to originate in the consumer sector. Consumers soon found uses for these technologies in business, and over time, these personal products have been increasingly infiltrating the corporate environment. This trend is referred to as “Consumerization” (Weiß and Leimeister). Consumerization…show more content…
Figure 1: Consumer Tools Finding Their Way into the Enterprise Retrieved from: This could potentially mean that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being sent through these consumer tools that are hosted outside of the organization. This produces an additional shift where organizations need to figure out how to secure company data as network perimeters become more blurred. Context-aware security offers the potential to better secure this dynamic business environment. It goes beyond merely trusting that a person should be granted access to an object because they know a password; it considers additional contextual information to ensure an action is secure. This information may include location, time, sensitivity of content, strength of authentication or encryption, reputation of a URL or IP address, historical patterns of behavior, or health of the operating system (MacDonald). Context-aware security systems, while a viable option to help strengthen security in environments influenced by consumerization, is not without its challenges. A key challenge is ensuring that only quality context is being used. Quality of context (QoC) can be defined
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