Using Computers For Optimize Design And New Systems

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Using computers to optimize designs and new systems is common so that companies can produce better products more efficiently. However, the algorithms that are run within the computers to optimize the designs and systems are usually not optimized because the companies are interested in the new product or system and less in the software that is used to optimize their new ideas. Is seems reasonable that if an algorithm can be used to optimize other systems, then it should have the ability to optimize another algorithm and maybe even itself. Since the computer programs that are used to implement algorithms are a well-defined process with limited and well-defined constraints, it would be logical, that optimization of an algorithm program should be as easy as optimization of a new product or system. An optimized optimization-algorithm should minimize the resources needed to converge on the solution it is attempting to optimize resulting in faster execution time and utilization of fewer processing resources such as memory or more capable processor. Optimization of an optimization-algorithm may at times be redundant since the optimization algorithm has already produced a satisfactory solution for the individual system. However, if the optimized algorithm is general enough that it can be reused on future systems, then its application becomes beneficial in minimizing future execution time or resources.
Optimization algorithms are fundamental processes in data analysis, engineering,…
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