Using Data Collection And Data Analysis

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Research Design This study utilized a survey design that involved qualitative methods of data collection and data analysis. The study will utilize online sources that have already been published that include peer-reviewed papers, journals, books and reliable internet sources of the distinctive companies. The internet was searched for important information relating to management in the three major identified organizational designs. Different databases such as Google Scholar, EBSCO, Business Source Premier and other reputable databases were searched for relevant research materials. All the sources with relevant data were noted down. Sources of data published before the year 2004 were excluded from the research. This exclusion criterion was…show more content…
Qualitative secondary data from documentary analysis was edited, analyzed and presented in accordance with the research design. The data was analyzed and presented by the research objectives. Results This section discusses the findings of the research on different aspects of organizational design based on the secondary data gathered as discussed in the methodology section. The data is categorized under specific themes as per the objectives to answer the research questions. As such, as per the data, there are features of a well-organized operating model; • Goes beyond structure to clearly stipulate how the firm’s cart comes to life with clear governance, accountabilities and ways of working • Ensures that the different stakeholders make critical decisions and that they are executed with sharp focus on value • Explicitly supports the strategy by focusing on the key organizational capabilities essential for a win • Ensures consistently of all elements in the system via a coherent blueprint before embarking on detailed organizational design and • Insists on positive aspects of the organization’s corporate culture, value, and heritage Factors Affecting the Organizational Design Several internal and external factors play a role in influencing the organizational structure of a firm. In small businesses, the owners take the sole responsibilities of creating their firm’s organizational structure framework (Daft, 2012). Size. This is
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