Using Data Collection And Data Analysis

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Research Design
This study utilized a survey design that involved qualitative methods of data collection and data analysis. The study will utilize online sources that have already been published that include peer-reviewed papers, journals, books and reliable internet sources of the distinctive companies.
The internet was searched for important information relating to management in the three major identified organizational designs. Different databases such as Google Scholar, EBSCO, Business Source Premier and other reputable databases were searched for relevant research materials. All the sources with relevant data were noted down. Sources of data published before the year 2004 were excluded from the research. This exclusion criterion was based on the fact that there are many changes in the management systems that take place in a year and including data that is older than ten years would lead to the analysis of information that is outdated. The scholarly articles included in the research had to have well-defined research to ensure that the information that the research relies upon is valid and reliable. Web sites with no known authors to ascertain credibility were also not included. The books identified were used to support the scholarly research and formed crucial sources for the literature review.
Data Analysis Procedures
A common procedure in the analysis of qualitative data involves identifying the key themes from the data, categories and concepts. The researcher…
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