Using Data From The British Election Study

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This paper is a research project that uses data from the British Election Study. The study has responses from 2987 participants selected at random for the survey. The survey asks a variety of questions regarding the elections and the perceptions of the participants. The questions include responses for voting preferences, issues faced in the elections of 2015, inclination of the voter towards left or right, taxation and spending views, views of respondents regarding immigration, economic status and so forth. The response scales used are close ended with multiple choice and Likert scale questions on a scale of one to ten being used. Due to the large amount of data and the variety of information asked, this report will restrict itself to testing a few hypotheses, which will be targeted towards specific areas, and which can be proved or disproved through use of cross tabulation analysis based on data obtained in the survey. It has been noted that the economic status of a voter tends to impact the political leanings of the voter. It was noted in a survey carried out in the USA that wage levels were an indicator of voter preferences where people who earned less than $70,000 noted to lean towards the liberal, Democratic Party, while those who earned more tended to be more conservative in leaning towards the Republican Party (Thompson, 2012). Another study conducted in Malaysia concluded that voters consider the economic conditions of the country before voting for a government, and
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