Using Data Warehouse Systems And Human Resource Management

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Due to significant growth organically and through acquisitions in recent years, Global Payments facing many challenges connecting various data warehouse systems and applications throughout the organization. Data sharing become a major issue. It is sometimes impossible to access certain systems within the organization due to different technology and security. Dependency upon each entity or individual to send their data or report can lead to greater risk of getting incorrect data interpretation or errors. As we continue to support more internal and external customers in more locations, the administration of our workforce has become more difficult. Many of our internal requirements such as reporting, payroll activities, and human resource management have been done via legacy data warehouse systems. As more demand on data collections and analytics, these traditional data warehouse systems have become inadequate to effectively manage these administrative activities. This inadequacy is manifested in higher costs and increased merchant attritions. In order to more effectively manage our administration, reduce costs, and improve customer retention, Global Payments must move to a web-based application as outlined in this business case. By doing so, enabling the company to manage its administration from one central and common platform.

1.2. Anticipated Outcomes

Moving to a centralized web-based database platform will enable Global Payments to performed several activities that
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