Using Digital Data Or Digital Information

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In today’s world, people tend to run the majority of their daily errands through the internet. It is easy, convenient, and it saves a lot of time. In one hour someone can make a deposit into his personal bank account, order a medical prescription, pay bills, apply for a loan, get some shopping, and more. All it takes for a customer to be able to do this is having an account with each of this company’s web sites. Creating an account is usually a very simple process where the person provides some information and creates a username and a password to be able to return to the website. This information provided by the customer is called: digital data or digital information, which is simply any kind of information in digital format. Digital data…show more content…
The United States runs on laws put in place by the government and the citizens. How can people trust the government if the government does not respect a citizen 's privacy of digital data? The government is not allowed to wiretap American citizens without a warrant from a judge, but there are plenty of legal ways for the law enforcements, from the local sheriff to the Internal Revenue Service, to snoop on digital trails you create every day. Authorities can often obtain your email with a court order that doesn 't require showing probable cause of crime. This is outrageous because it is a violation of our privacy, police can access our digital data without a warrant and allows the government to bypass the Fourth amendment to do an unreasonable search on citizens. First, it is a violation of citizens ' privacy. The government can collect and analyze all digital data online and on a storage cloud, on the analog era reasoning that citizens have no expectation of privacy. Each time a resident of the United States makes a phone call, the NSA records whom she called when the call was placed, and how long the conversation lasted. The NSA keeps track of when she called the doctor, and which doctor she called; which family members she called, and which she didn’t; which pastor she called, and for how long she spoke to him. It keeps track of whether, how often, and precisely when she called the abortion clinic, the support group for alcoholics,
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