Using Digital Data Or Digital Information

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In today’s world, people tend to run the majority of their daily errands through the internet. It is easy, convenient, and it saves a lot of time. In one hour someone can make a deposit into his personal bank account, order a medical prescription, pay bills, apply for a loan, get some shopping, and more. All it takes for a customer to be able to do this is having an account with each of this company’s websites. Creating an account is usually a very simple process where the person provides some information and creates a username and a password to be able to return to the website. This information provided by the customer is called: digital data or digital information, which is simply any kind of information in digital format. Digital data can be public or private, it can be kept by the government, banks, medical providers, and other institutions; as well as a freely available on the internet on websites like, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. But is our data really safe?Along with its many benefits, the march of technology makes an encompassing surveillance network seem almost inevitable. We owe much of the privacy we have enjoyed in the past to a combination of immature technology and insufficient manpower to monitor us. But these protective inefficiencies are giving way to efficiency technologies of data processing and digital surveillance that threaten to eliminate our privacy. Already we are tracked by our credit-card transactions, our passes through the fast lanes at
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