Using Diversity as a Strategy: Allstate Insurance Company

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Allstate Insurance Company Elizabeth Haskins
Strayer University
Instructor: Dr. Yohannes Abate
Leadership and Organizational Behavior – BUS 520010VA016

July 24, 2011

As our population becomes grows more ethnically and culturally diverse, companies struggle more and more with the subject of diversity in the workforce. The latest strategy is to leverage diversity as a competitive business strategy. This paper will evaluate Allstate Insurance Company’s goal setting process and how they have used diversity as a strategy leveraging differences in order to create a competitive advantage in today’s diversified market. It will also discuss Allstate’s competitive advantage with the development of the Diversity Index
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4. Tasks should be broken down so goals can be achieved in a reasonable timeframe. 5. Employees should be provided the resources to obtain their goals.
The four step action that Allstate has implanted in direct alignment with the conditions for succeeding with an effective goals setting program.
Discuss the competitive advantage Allstate has from the development of the Diversity Index.

In creating the Diversity Index, Allstate established an advantage in the competitive business world. Through the Diversity Index the company developed a way for its management to evaluate what is working and what is not working as far as service, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work behavior, and utilization of employee skills. In communicating the results of the survey to all employees, employees are able to observe management making an effort produce and improve a diverse work environment. When employees know that management is looking to find areas within the company that need improvement and that such improvements will help make the company a bigger success, employees tend to become much more self-driven to make the company a success as well.
This has worked well for Allstate as according to numerous sources like “Fortune Magazine”, “DiversityInc Magazine”, “Working Mother Magazine”, “Diversity Executive magazine ”, and “Forbes Magazine”, to name a few, which have awarded Allstate such titles as

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