Using Drones to Fight Terrorism Essay

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The Future of War

People look to the future; people want to see a better way of life with new technology and other advancements. War is always going to be part of the future. The U.S. Military has come up with a new weapon that would help save lives of soldiers and civilians, it is known as drones. A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can be controlled from a safe environment. Drones were first used to provide high quality surveillance on areas suspected of terrorism. The drones could do this because they are able to fly and hover over their targets for hours while transmitting information to the people on the ground. Drones accompany soldiers in war zones to provide them with important information they need to do a better job. The
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I believe that the drone’s ability to minimize casualties is unmatched by any aircraft we have available. Drones have a unique ability to hover over a target for long periods of time. According to in “Ready… Fire… Aim! A Case for Applying American Due Process Principles Before Engaging In Drone Strikes” states that drones can, “hover above a target for up to forty hours before refueling” (59). Being able to hover over a target for such a long time is good because the drone can wait until all other variables are gone than it can take out its target with minimal casualties. Sweetman author of “Fighters without Pilots” says, “since no one is aboard, an armed drone could be designed to loiter for 24 hours, or to evade missiles by a 20-G escape maneuver, well beyond the 9-G blackout limit of a human pilot” (12). A drone has the capability to evade missiles in which a fighter pilot doesn’t. Drones that are outfitted with weapons are also given new lazier guiding technology to ensure that the weapon only hits the target and nothing else. The military has other airplanes that can drop a bomb like the F-16 which has a payload of 500 pounds, but when it comes to taking out targets, the F-16 is completely unnecessary. According to Byman author of “Why Drones Work” drones are precision weapons, “drones create smaller, more precise blast zones that decrease the risk of unexpected structural damage and casualties.” He goes on to say, “Drones,
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