Using Edx Wireless Software Tool

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Thus, careful selection of the firmware is required so that it matches with the requirements of our project. As far as software implementation is concerned, we have to learn the usage of SDR on GNU Radio or MATLAB platform for the successful working of our project. We have to figure out 802.11n protocol variant protocol for its implementation on an SDR in a way that provides viable network performance testing condition. The same has to be done for implementing LTE protocol on an SDR. Testing has to be done to ensure the performance and accuracy of the two protocols on SDR using performance measurement tool kit. Due to the space like environment there will be several propagation constraints that will be analyzed by using EDX wireless software tool. A space communication like environment has to be set up and testing the performance of the two protocols has to be evaluated. The following are the explanations of the various components that will be used in our project and the wireless propagation aspects that will be covered through our project: A. Software Defined Radio A software defined radio is a radio that can be used for wireless communication that can be programmed by a computer. It is typically a radio communication technology in which wireless communication protocols implemented without the actual usage of wires. The great advantage of using software defined radios are that they can be re-configured. Therefore, it can be used to update the protocol with ease. For

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