Using Electronic Medical Records For Patient Care

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Patient data security in hospitals and every healthcare organization is facing issues with breaches that are causing a challenge for the healthcare industry to provide quality care to their patients. Improving patient’s data security should be a top priority. The focus of this paper is to examine four quantitative researches on the threats and challenges hospitals are facing due to patient data security breach.

Quantitative Research Study 1
The purpose of this study was to decide how patients and doctors adjust the apparent advantages and damages of sharing electronic medical records for patient care. The researchers designed the study by using a before and after survey for the providers and patients using electronic medical records at a clinical trial in Ontario, Canada. 511 patients in mean age of 60.3 years, 49.6% were female and 46 physicians in mean age of 47.2 years with 37.0% being female participated in the study. Each participant was given a health information privacy questionnaire at the start and end of the study. The questionnaire included 13 questions in four general domains that analyzed the dispositions towards the privacy of electronic medical records, outsider’s use of patient health data, the sharing of patient data within the health care system, and the participant’s general impression of the advantages and harms of computerization in health care (Gihan Perera, 2010).
The results concluded that less than 90% of the participants supported the…
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