Using Encryption, Keys, And Virtual Private Networks

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A research project that synthesizes your knowledge of encryption, keys, and virtual private networks. Write a 5-7 page report on your findings.
Encryption refers to a technique that facilitate the storage, transmission of information in a format that is unreadable to unintended audience. Unintended audience in this case may be hackers, sniffers, malwares e.t.c.the technique has been widely used to curb phishing in the current network security landscape.
There are two fundamental techniques used in encrypting data: i.e. symmetric encryption (also referred to as secret key encryption) and asymmetric encryption (also referred to as public key encryption.)
Symmetric Encryption/Secret Key Encryption.
Symmetric encryption is the earliest and widely popular encryption technique. This technique uses a secret key which can be a string of words, numbers which are randomly selected to effect confidentiality. The secret Key is applied on the original message to change the content into a cipher. The modification of the message to the cipher might be a simple reordering of the message letter sequence to complex alterations. With the help of the secret key the sender and the recipient can encrypt and decrypt messages respectively.
Symmetric key encryption therefore uses an identical key to encrypt and decrypt information. Due to its simplicity it is faster as compared to asymmetric encryption with the length of keys critical to the encryption security .NIST recommends that the
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