Using Evidence Based Practice for Patient Care

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Evidence based practice can be defined as the process of, using the recent evidence base practice to make decision about patients individual care and to make sure that patient is getting most appropriate care by utilising the best practice, judgement clinically, preference for individual patient and systematic review (Nay & Fetherstonhaugh, 2007). Hence, when health professional work, they need to consider the characteristics of the context of the practice and the patient’s values and their situation. So, combination of these elements helps to make an assessment in patients care as EBP is involved (Hoffmann, Bennett & Del Mar, 2013). Hypothetically, the proper practice of EBP can help to increase consistency in caring patient, supporting the experimental research, which can benefit clinicians to provide quality of care, assessing and justifying patient (Nay & Fetherstonhaugh, 2007). For e.g, the act of washing hand prevents from infection. It is consider being the main root of transmission of disease from one person to other. According to the systematic review by So (2011), organism is eradicated from immediate hand washing with liquid soap and water when changing the wound dressing of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA). According to Hoffmann, Bennett & Del Mar, (2013), the rational of the clinical evaluation becomes more obvious when clinical information is integrated on best evidence practice, which is available with knowledge. It also helps to increase confidence in
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