Using Excel And Spss For A Classroom Setting

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The materials that were needed for the experiment were minimal. The experiments will be administered in a classroom setting. The classrooms must have enough desks to seat all of the university-level participants. Additionally, with respect to technology, materials include a visual aid for the participants to look at the different combinations of the words’ congruence and orientation. Excel and SPSS software will be used to analyze the data and to enhance the interpretation of the data. The use of Excel and SPSS will fashion a sophisticated and professional way of looking at the results that is familiar to other research studies. The TA will be responsible for keeping note of the time with a timer making sure that each slide is visible for 15 seconds. Furthermore, the TA will provide flashcards for the students to record the amount of colors of words they are able to identify in each slide, and writing utensils for students that may not have their own
Recruitment was done through the students that attend SUNY Binghamton that registered for Research Methods, PSYC 344, a course that is taken for the purpose of learning the proper ways of administering research experiments and the technicalities of writing a research paper. Most of the students in the course are upperclassmen that are Neuroscience or Psychology majors. The ages of the participants are young adults at college level age and there were a variety of people of different ethnic background, but
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