Using Gender Stereotypes to Market Razors

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Razors marketed by using gender Gender is frequently adopted as a main tool of marketing in the case of particular technological devices and one of the most illustrative examples can be observed by looking at the design of razors. The blade itself appears to be no longer important in the contemporary society when considering the overall design of the razor. It is actually hidden and all that people can see is the impressive design found in both razors meant for men and razors meant for women. Moreover, the first thing that people are likely to see when buying a razor is the brand being present on the most prominent side of the package. The marketing strategies devised by razor producers are especially gendered and even their names are meant to influence buyers into thinking that they need to buy particular products. One of the most impressive things about shaving is that it is a practice that is never affected by fashion, taking into account that diverse waves of fashion that dominated particular eras did not influence the masses in buying less razors (NOBODY KNOWS THE STUBBLE THEY'VE SEEN 22). This demonstrates that people generally have a tendency to express interest in buying razors, regardless of the environment that they are present in. In order to get a better understanding of how razors are marketed differently on account of gender one needs to think about the product as being a sign, rather than being just a thing. The fact that many razors designed for men

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