Using Gibbs Model Of Reflection

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The aim of this assignment is to critically reflect on an innovation that I have created. Its purpose is to provide all level of students a welcome to the ward during placement
Using Gibbs model of reflection (1988) I will evaluate my innovation and its effectiveness in practise. I have used this specific reflective model as I feel it is the best used model within the nursing and health profession. This model has clear guidance to be able to describe, analyse and evaluate an experience and to make sense of it and improve practise.
There are six learning outcomes to consider in our assignment brief. For my assignment I have chosen to focus on outcomes two – Critically reflect on the opportunities and limitations of practise as a dynamic learning environment in relation to facilitation and evaluation in learning, outcome three – demonstrate the enabling of learners to integrate theory into practise and learning outcome four – Critically evaluate a range of learning theories and teaching strategies to facilitate the integration of theory to practise.
In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of professional conduct (2010) all names and locations are to be changed to maintain confidentiality.
The NHS improving quality (2013) encourages staff to propose innovative ways of delivering quality services, according to Buckwell- Nut (2014) a definition of innovation can be described as the transferable skills to collect, analyse and present evidence with…
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