Essay on Using Google´s Corporate Strategy for Better Employees

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can other businesses use Google’s corporate strategy as a tool for attracting and retaining the best employees?

In this essay, I will be assessing the aspects of Google’s corporate framework that have enabled it to be the best organisation to work for in recent years. Also, I will be evaluating each of these aspects using business and management theory and explaining how other businesses can use Google’s corporate strategy as a tool for attracting, and retaining, the most talented individuals.
For the past four years, Google has been consistently ranked amongst the top five best organisations to work for in the world. This has enabled it to create a competitive advantage by enjoying a bigger pool of talent to select
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Similarly, the internal sources included published face-to-face interviews with Google’s employees, collected over an eight-month period in 2010. In order to avoid bias, the interviewees were selected across a range of characteristics: geographical region, function, position, product, and gender; experience of established/new products; successes/failures; tenure and interest in innovation. After the data had been gathered and evaluated, business and management theory was applied in order to analyse the data and assess Google’s corporate strategy, hence, answering the research question.

Most of the theory used in this essay comes from unit 2 of the Business and Management syllabus: Human Resources. I looked at Organizational culture,

An organisation’s culture is defined as the values, attitudes and beliefs of the people working in an organisation that control the way they interact with each other and with external stakeholder groups. It defines what is ‘normal’ in an organisation, suggesting that it is possible for the same employee to act differently in different organisations. The reason why culture is important to a business is because it gives the business a sense of identity and shows how the people within the organisation view the world and respond to it in trying to achieve certain goals. Also, the culture of an organisation is a powerful force in any
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