Using Green Building And Energy Efficient Resources For The Structures

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The focus of this project is in China, it aims to promote the use of green building and energy efficient resources to the structures. Given that China is a big country with a large population, sustainability is an important matter for them for the welfare of them as well as the future generation. This business plan would help them in achieving the said goals. Marketing Plan The green marketing strategy of this business in order for it to work should start from budgeting. Building is still about meeting budgets as well as expectations for a high-sustainable performance sustainable design outcomes. The company should be able to prove that they an design such projects with a conventional budget. Next is the performance. The question that you need to answer in this field is that do your projects actually perform as predicted? Have you considered the factors for the satisfaction of the occupants and if any post-occupancy evaluations have been done in order to back up your claims. In addition to that, the energy modelling of the company in designing structures should also come close to predicting energy use. Next is the consideration of more building codes than just the LEED or the sustainable elements. How well would the day lighting facilitate the purpose of the building (Eerikainen and Sarasoja, 3)? Next is the viewing of the structures as regenerative buildings. The construction of the building should be built with an eye to the future, a time when all of the buildings
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