Using Information Technology For A Computer

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Stephen Bond 11/15/15 Using Information Technology Professor Kenneth Lee Input, Output, and Connectivity Input, output, and connectivity are some of the most important considerations to make when choosing a computer. Without input and output our computers would not be able to function as they properly should, therefore making decisions on these sections are an important part in choosing a computer. In my last paper I broke down the main operating factors to consider when shopping for a computer: CPU, auxiliary storage, and RAM. These were the heart of the computer, but now we have to decide on the functionality that can be represented through input and output options. Through this paper we are going to try and rule out the obsolete…show more content…
Bluetooth keyboards are so convenient to have as they help make the general experience more efficient, and they save space; having wires hanging all over the place is very inconvenient when considering portability and function. Also the keyboard would have to be pretty large, as it is much easier to type papers on a large keyboard. To go along with the size of the keyboard, it should also be back-lit. There are many times when it is more comfortable to work in the dark, and without a back-lit keyboard typing in the dark is going to be a major strain on your eyes and patience. To re-cap, the type of keyboard that I would choose would have to be comfortable to type on, have a back-lit keyboard, and in the case of not being already attached to the PC I would want to be connected via Bluetooth. The next type of input that I would consider for my PC is a computer mouse. This is another very important piece of equipment, and a lot of times it is one of the under-considered pieces when it comes to choosing input equipment. There are not a lot of different types of mice to compare and consider, but choosing the right type of mouse is going to be an important factor in how much enjoyment and efficiency that you are going to receive from your PC. There are three different types of basic computer mice: optical mouse, mechanical mouse, and Infrared or radio wave cordless mouse. A mechanical mouse has a ball attached inside of the bottom of the base, when the mouse is
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