Using Information Technology Into A Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

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Small and medium-sized enterprises account for the majority if the share in the market and most of the employment in certain sectors of the economy. They have unique characteristics that both work to their advantage and prove a burden. Activities involving information technology has drastically increased and many of these businesses bring up questions of how beneficial it can be to the profits and partners made. Professional managerial skills are vital in properly using information technology and several business are investing in the rapidly increasing method of increasing business. Managers have to consider the initial costs, the willingness of the business to change ways, and long term effects of adopting new methods involving…show more content…
The use of information systems allows these businesses to obtain a significant advantage and ensures the market remains competitive and opens several job opportunities. The advantages depend upon the particular business how they utilizes the information technology. One method of utilizing information technology is building and supporting networks for the small enterprises. This is especially useful for those business that are at a geographical disadvantage being based in rural and semi-suburban areas. These remote areas are less exposed and often left behind as technology improves at a rapid pace. Other businesses that find advantages in the use of information technology are those in developing countries. Similar to rural businesses, until urban sprawl appears, these areas are severely lacking in technology and information technology ensures these businesses remain with the pack. Another method of utilizing information technology is the assimilation on information technology in these businesses to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of business transactions. The inherent strengths of these business are elevated to a higher standard, tying in to keeping competitiveness strong. The internet, still a relatively new information technology has drastically changed the landscape of businesses and has allowed several businesses thrive, expand, and create more competition. This has also allowed
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