Using Interconnected Computer Networks For Communication

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The term internet refers to a system of billions of interconnected computers across the globe that uses a universally accepted and standardized internet protocol suite also known as the TCP/IP. The internet makes it possible to access extensive information resources through the World Wide Web (WWW), supports telephony, email and file sharing (Ian, 2004). The internet started out as a commissioned study by the United States government in the 1960s to explore the possibility of using interconnected computer networks for communication. This was also done in Europe but real progress came in the 1980s when funding was availed to create the needed basic infrastructure by the USA organisation; National Science foundation and then by other private entities. From here the interconnected computers grew in number at rapid rates. This was the case since personal, institutional and mobile computers continue to get added to the network to date (University of Texas, 2002). Basically the birth of the internet was necessitated by the need to communicate and to share data and information as effectively as possible. The growth of internet use has however continued to grow at a tremendous pace all across the world making it a part of many people’s daily lives. The internet has become such an integral part of many people’s lives that they rely on it for such activities as communicating, entertainment and even earning a living. However, as is the case with most innovations, the internet has
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