Using Ipads With Students With Disabilities : Lessons Learned From Students, Teachers, And Parents

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Question 1: Rodriguez, C. D., Strnadová, I., & Cumming, T. (2013). Using iPads with students with disabilities: Lessons learned from students, teachers, and parents. Intervention in School and Clinic, 1053451213509488. This article was found in the University of North Florida online library through the journal databases. The search terms used were iPad, disabilities, education, and classroom. I chose this article because it has literature review of previous studies, but most importantly it includes information and research on how to integrate the use of iPads and other similar devices in the special education classroom. This is unique to the other articles I have reviewed and offers suggestions and resources. Question 2: This article relies on several previous research studies of the use of iPads in the special education classroom as a means to determine best practices for teachers in implementing the devices in their classrooms. The literature reviewed includes studies on students learning English as a second language and studies showing students with other language barriers using the devices to improve their skills. The literature review also included several studies on students with autism and other intellectual disabilities using the iPad and subsequently improving their communication, social and math skills. The studies also found that students using the iPads showed greater academic engagement, independence and self-determination. Also reviewed was the
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