Using Javascript And Css Style Rules

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interface; on these interfaces we will create a drop down list for correct answer option in the multiple choice section and a radio button for correct answer option in the true and false section. A save button will be created to save the various inputs of the question type to the proposed database. To this end, screen shots of the aforementioned interfaces will be attached in the appendix of this dissertation when implemented. The pages will be developed using PHP with added functionality by using JavaScript and CSS style rules, which will be applied to improve the look and feel of the interface. The interface design will be achievable due to its dependency on the web server. Communication between the interface for the CALTDM and the web server will be organized by developing the web pages for the interfaces with a hypertext markup language and PHP. Hypertext markup language is one of the documents format of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Figure 12 Administrator Management Design

3.6.5 Web Clients

We are going to make use of the available web browsers to create and send HTTP requests and handle the responses through the aforementioned interfaces. The main purpose of a web browser is to bring information to the user based on the user requests. The web browser would be the agent through which our system would be tested and used. Examples of web browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet explorer just to mention a few.

3.7 Web Servers

In this project, we are…
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