Using Javascript And Css Style Rules

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interface; on these interfaces we will create a drop down list for correct answer option in the multiple choice section and a radio button for correct answer option in the true and false section. A save button will be created to save the various inputs of the question type to the proposed database. To this end, screen shots of the aforementioned interfaces will be attached in the appendix of this dissertation when implemented. The pages will be developed using PHP with added functionality by using JavaScript and CSS style rules, which will be applied to improve the look and feel of the interface. The interface design will be achievable due to its dependency on the web server. Communication between the interface for the CALTDM and the web…show more content…
As seen in Figure 8, this component is described as the core business logic or application functionality, or system utilities. In this case, this layer is the main building block for the CALTDM. We are going to install and make use of apache web server, which is a HTTP server. The server is an open source solution stack package, which will be downloaded and configured for use on our local machine, and can be found on the following site []. This server will allow the CALTDM to process data by posting HTTP requests and receiving HTTP response from the web server. This is called a process, because the communication between the web server and other components of the system is in a cyclic manner which we will be discussing in the next subsection. To this end, we are going to use PHP embedded in HTML to communicate with the web server. 3.7.1 Request Response Cycle of CALTDM This cycle describes the way CALTDM will utilize a HTTP request using PHP and the webserver. This communication will require a user to use a web browser to post request so that the webserver can process the request. Using a URI in the browser window will trigger this process. The URI is the uniform Resource Identifier address. In our case an example of an event for the URI will be: Localhost/CalProject/index.php The URI as described above is a string of characters that is
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