Using Journals Effectively in Classrooms Essay

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Using Journals Effectively in Classrooms

Journal writing seems to be a popular element teachers use to give students the opportunity to become involved in the classroom without always speaking. However, is journal writing a beneficial tool for student learning? How can it become more effective in the classroom? There are many types of journals which can be used in a classroom. I have decided to look at the different types of journals that exist to gain a broad overview of journal usage. This is to help me decide what the most effective journal for this classroom would be.

First, let us look at what journal writing is. Journal writing is a method to provide students with an alternate way of expression. It promotes individual
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Journals are also a way for students to express ideas without feeling pressure to respond in a certain manner in order to receive a good grade.

Along with the freedom to express thoughts and concerns, a journal also can provide the freedom in which you express these thoughts and concerns. Journals are considered an artist's notebook. Journal entries are "normally" done by using words, however there is a move to allow students to use photographs, drawings, paintings, or any creative way the student may choose to express themselves. According to Teaching Writing written by Gail Tompkins, the purpose of journal writing is for students to use journals to 1) record personal experiences, 2) explore reactions and interpretations, and 3) record and analyze information. These criteria or aspects can be applied to any and all disciplines. I think that the most important place to include journal wrtiting is in the English classroom. This is where writing begins to take shape. Since it such a vital aspect of everyday life, students should feel comfortable expressing themselves and should have the means to do so. Journals allow students the opportunity to visual express themselves and to see their ideas on paper giving
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