Using Language As A Means Of Communication And The Expansion Of The Financial Market

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Today not many people would think that the phone that they put up to their head or in their pockets has electromagnetic properties, but that is exactly what was employed in the development and production of the telegraph and earlier versions of the phone. There have been a variety of changes that were implemented due to the development and refinement of the telegraph, including capitalism and the expansion of the financial market, but more uniquely it influenced the journalism and the use of language as a means of communication in the United States. Although America was attempting to distinguish themselves they had no desire to completely do so because of the innovations that were being developed by and adapted from some of the European…show more content…
In the book The Telegraph in America, 1832-1920 written by David Hochfelder, he references a statement made by Edmund Clarence Stedman, saying that, the use of the stock exchange demonstrated the importance and purpose of the New York Exchange’s relations with the rest of the United States and also with the rest of the world . It is the basis for the economy and in some states within the US you are required to learn about it by taking a class on economics in order to graduate high school. Hochfelder also talks about how some people, and more specifically, William Briggs abandoned his semaphore lines when telegraph lines were set up between Philadelphia and New York . The reasoning behind the shift from semaphore was for one of the biggest reasons because “the electromagnetic telegraph not only outpaced [the] optical system but…rendered financial information public, available to anyone willing to pay for a message. ” Before the time of the ticker, the telegraph had to have been created and they had to develop this machine that would soon assist in the creation of the stock market before they could refine and expand into other technologies. The United States was not the only country that was developing a telegraph, there were others that were attempting one, not because of a war or reasons of that general denomination, but for the sake of communication and consumerism. The British were the first to attempt long range telegraphy
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