Using Lego As Tools For Teaching

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ntroduction At Play-Well TEKnologies, we specialize in turning toys into tools to not only inspire children to learn about STEM, but to change attitudes for those students who generally shy away from STEM subjects. Play-Well programs provide a fun and easy ways to teach STEM lessons using LEGO® as tools. Their STEM curricula is based on following their core principles of STEM learning: 1. Build problem-solving skills. 2. Provide an opportunity for creative expression. 3. Foster a greater appreciation of how things work. 4. Encourage the qualities of inquisitiveness, self reliance, and self confidence in children.( Play-Well chose LEGO® bricks because they can be found in almost any school, home, or recreation center…show more content…
Voicing this belief in their problem solving abilities is the first step to developing their STEM skills. Solution-oriented thinking is one of the most critical STEM skills. LEGO® helps children move from curiosity to discovery as they gain a better understanding of the culture of innovation. Failure becomes demystified as a liability and repositioned as an asset for collecting data for the purpose of scaling their ideas. Opportunity for Creative Expression: As the teacher, you get the amazing opportunity to manage the innovation experience and design process, inspire and expose, and create a safe environment to develop and test new ideas. You help participants assess what worked and what didn’t as they try out ideas, and guide them as they apply this learning to future tests. You get to message that STEM time is TONS of FUN! Hydrating the creative mind involves creating an inviting space with art, music and color. What helps you create? What does your innovation playground look and feel like? STEM topics are often considered serious and factual, and downright boring. You get to change this perception in several ways. Create a habitat for creativity and innovation to emerge and flourish. Instructors presenting a playful, engaging and interactive spirit can help set the tone for exploration. This energy opens up mental pathways to innovation and is applied to the design and engineering
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