Using Lego As Tools For Teaching

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At Play-Well TEKnologies, we specialize in turning toys into tools to not only inspire children to learn about STEM, but to change attitudes for those students who generally shy away from STEM subjects. Play-Well programs provide a fun and easy ways to teach STEM lessons using LEGO® as tools. Their STEM curricula is based on following their core principles of STEM learning: 1. Build problem-solving skills. 2. Provide an opportunity for creative expression. 3. Foster a greater appreciation of how things work. 4. Encourage the qualities of inquisitiveness, self reliance, and self confidence in children.( Play-Well chose LEGO® bricks because they can be found in almost any school, home, or recreation center and have universal appeal. Because when you place a pile of LEGO® in front of a person, above the age of three, they cannot resist building. Thus, allowing LEGO® bricks to be used as a tool for teaching STEM concepts; because of this irresistible urge to create.

While there are plenty of resources that teach us HOW to build, Play-Well specializes in teaching WHY we build and HOW to innovate. How STEM is exciting and applicable in everyday life is not always obvious to students, but start talking about innovation in cell phones and next generation graphics in video games, and suddenly their interest level peaks! In classes, one of the biggest conundrums that kids share with us is being told to innovate, without being taught how to…
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