Using Life Theoretical Perspectives to Explain Helping Behaviour.

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USING LIFE THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES TO EXPLAIN HELPING BEHAVIOUR. A theory, according to Lahey (2003), is a tentative explanation of facts and relationships in Science. Mylers (1995) also defines a theory as an integrated set of principles that organize and predicts observable behaviours or events. Also a theory is a comprehensive explanation of natural phenomena which leads to accurate prediction. In Psychology, there are various theoretical perspectives. They are the learning (behavioral) theory, Psychoanalytical theory, Humanistic theory, Cognitive theory, Biological theory, Evolutionary theory and Socio- cultural theory. Helping behaviour is a desirable behaviour in the society. We can use the various perspectives to explain…show more content…
In the contest of this perspective, individuals differ because they are born with different genes, develop slightly different brain and hormonal patterns. In summary, the perspective seeks to explain behaviour through the activities of the brain and nervous system, physiology, genetics, the endocrine system, biochemistry and evolution. For instance, Jemima is takes her baby out and put her on a mat under a tree while sitting by her because the room is too hot. Five minutes later she falls asleep. She later hears the dog barking loudly. She opens her eyes and to her dismay, she finds a snake using her baby as a pathway on its travels. She quickly takes her baby and helps him back into the room. Here Jemima used her ear and brain to help the baby survive. With evolutional theory, it focuses on how human beings have adapted the behaviour required for survival in the face of environmental pressures. It is that trait that helps survival become universal in species. Basically, it talks about inherited traits that help adapt to one’s environment. Emphasis is also on the influence of genes on behaviour. For instance, Jenny’s mum has taught her that in their community if you don’t help somebody nobody would help you when you are in need so she grown to know that you
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