Using Literary Devices In The Sixth Sense

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After recently watching The Sixth Sense I realized that there is a great use of devices in the film. The Sixth Sense is about a child psychologist Dr. Malcolm, who tries to help a child defeat his dark secret. I think this movie is a prime example of using literary devices such as, foreshadowing and symbolism within the script. I really enjoyed this film for these reasons and would recommend it everyone. There are many instances in which these devices are used in the film, some are much more noticeable than the others. This movie has a really high replay value because, you always notice something new in regards to symbolism. Also the other view points that you can see the story after knowing what happens in the dramatic ending. The many uses…show more content…
The biggest aspect of foreshadowing used in this movie is the fact that Malcolm only interacts with Cole during the entire movie after his death. This is something that is hard to notice on the first time you watch this film. This aspect gives the film high replay value. When Malcolm is sitting in the living room with Cole’s mother the viewer assumes that they are both talking when Cole arrives home from school, when in reality she doesn’t even notice Malcolm. When Malcolm attends Cole’s plays at his school no one asks him why he's there or anything at all. My favorite example of this is, there are other parents recording the play and are sitting directly behind Malcolm. If they were able to see him, Malcolm would be in the way of the shot. The other parents see right through him because he is dead, I think that this is brilliant foreshadowing for the twist at the end of the film. The temperature change is one of the more obvious uses of foreshadowing in the movie. The temperature dropped in the film when a ghost was upset. A the start of one of the scenes, there is a close up on the thermostat changing to cold by itself. This is foreshadowing on the upset ghosts that are about to visit
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