Using Logos In The American Scholar By Waldo Emerson

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Throughout “The American Scholar”, Waldo Emerson uses logos to argue his point very clearly. He steps you through his thought process and simplifies ideas down to a point to where is seems unnecessary. He greatly uses logic to show his point very clearly and motivate his audience to change their thinking about the subject.
Emerson’s main strategy of using logos was to thoroughly explain steps through different logical scenarios. Through his essay, he mentions nature,books,actions and how we learn from them. He steps us through his thought process by starting with how “the first importance of the influences upon the mind is that of nature” (Emerson,2) With this statement, he is trying convey how the very first thing that we learn from, the first thing that influences our thinking is nature. He talks about how in order for someone to learn from nature, “He must settle its value in his mind” (Emerson, 2). Before you are able to learn something or take in information from a source, you must first oone you mind to these new ideas. The biggest idea that can be learned from nature is that we are all one, we are not divided. Emerson argues that “To the young mind everything is individual,stands by itself” (Emerson, 2)Today we are all put into different jobs and separated from being a community. In nature, everything is connected, nothing is separated from the rest of things. Emerson argues how people need to see how “roots running under ground whereby contrary and remote things

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