Using Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

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There has been some horrible remarks towards cannabis in the past but the truth is finally starting to come out. People think of marijuana as a substance just to get “high” with but there are other good outcomes towards cannabis that can make this world a better place.As a marijuana support I believe marijuana should be used for all purposes. Using marijuana for medicinal purposes was not recently discovered. According to people have been using marijuana for pain relief since the 1800s. In fact, the THC that is in cannabis can work well in treating cancer pain as codeine, a mild pain reliever.

The biggest argument people use against marijuana is that they claim it is a gateway drug. People say people who use marijuana would later use harder drugs such as cocaine,meth,and heroin which is irrelevant.Just because some people that do harder drugs such as the 3 I named started off with using marijuana does not mean all people would do the harder drugs. If someone wanted to experiment with cocaine,meth,or heroin they are going to do it regardless. If anything the gateway drugs that are leading people to cocaine,meth, or heroin are cigarettes and alcohol. How many people do you think tried smoking a cigarette or drinking a beer before smoking marijuana. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol is much more harmful to the body than consuming marijuana which is a plant. People call marijuana…
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