Using Material from Item a and Elsewhere, Assess Sociological Explanations of Changes in the Status of Childhood (24 Marks)

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Essay Title: Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of changes in the status of childhood (24 marks) |
Underline or highlight the key concepts, terms and instructions, by identifying these key elements it will allow you to focus on answering the question.
It is important to use relevant sociological terminology within the context of you essay. List the key sociological terms that will be appropriate for this essay. Privileged time, social construct, golden age, separateness, toxic childhood, child-centred, march of progress, conflict view, child liberationists, globalisation, information hierarchy |
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| Link | | Paragraph 3Point | Conflict sociologists, such as Marxist and feminists, argue that society is based on conflict between different social groups such as classes and genders. They say that there are inequalities among children in terms of their opportunities and risks, and that many children are unprotected and badly cared for. | Explain | Not all children share the same experiences: there are gender differences between children (Hillman, 1993), boys are more likely to be allowed out on their own or later at night, whereas Bonke (1999) found that girls did up to five times more housework than boys. Ethnic differences also show that Asian parents were more likely than other parents to be strict towards their daughters aged 15-16 (Brannen, 1994). Bhatti (1999) also found that ideas of family honour could be a restriction, especially on girls. | Elaborate | There are also important class inequalities between children, for example, poor mothers are more likely to have low birth-weight babies, which is linked to delayed physical and intellectual development. Also, children born into poor families are more likely to die in infancy or childhood, suffer longstanding illnesses, fall behind in school, or to be placed on the child protection register
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