Using Mathematical Modelling And Faro Arm Software

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j) The breaking distance and heat generated in the carbon ceramic matrix has also been calculated. Pro-Engineer and ANSYS was used to build the required model for transient analysis. The design was prototyped, which was followed by result evaluation in the field tests.The model obtained after ANSYS modelling was similar to that proposed by Nickam and colleagues (2014). Figure 8: Ansys Model for forces acting at the disc rotor 4.2 Reverse engineering using finite element modelling and Faro CAM2 software This research thesis has aimed at identification of the functioning of the disc brakes and its essential parts. In addition to this, the forces acting on the disc brake components, with special emphasis on the disc rotor and disc…show more content…
It has to be highlighted that in order to facilitate the reverse engineering requirements, the individual parts were drawn by using appropriate software (Catia V6) and the corresponding individual component dimensions were measured. By taking into consideration the appropriate dimensions and facts, a CAD model was developed by means of Catia software for digitally document the design information. It has to be highlighted that further design changes in the disc brake is performed in accordance to necessary requirements and final assembly is generally carried out by means of comprehensive manufacturing drawings which were prepared. Reverse engineering finds frequent use as a highly useful tool for manufacturers in the aspect of re-considering their product design in a well-organized, efficacious and economical method. As far as the process of providing insights regarding the design parameters that affect the longevity and performance pertaining to the products are concerned, reverse engineering has served as a methodology to facilitate the study of mechanical engineering components and keeping up to pace with the contemporary market requirements. It has to be highlighted that one of the most prominent aftermarket auto parts manufacturers in the global scenario has necessitated the use of
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