Using Medications As A Worldwide Problem

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A 42 year old female with a history of T2DM arrives to the clinic for a quarterly office visit. The patient’s blood pressure
Data: 148/84. BMI 42.
Medications: Insulin
Rational Use of Medications:
The APN wants to start antihypertensive therapy since this is the second visit with an elevated blood pressure. The APN needs to make a choice given there are a wide array of medication classes. The WHO coined the term “rational drug use” in 1985. The WHO identifies “Irrational” use of medications as a worldwide problem.
1. Describe the key concepts in rational use of medications. (20 points)

According to the World Health Organization, rational use of medicines requires that "patients receive medications appropriate to their clinical needs, in doses that meet their own individual requirements, for an adequate period of time, and at the lowest cost to them and their community" (WHO, 2012). There are 12 key concepts that the WHO advocates to promote more rational use. These are: establishment of a multidisciplinary national body to coordinate policies on medicine use, use of clinical guidelines, development and use of national essential medicines list, establishment of drug and therapeutics committees in districts and hospitals, inclusion of problem-based pharmacotherapy training in undergraduate curricula, continuing in-service medical education as a licensure requirement, supervision, audit and feedback, use of independent information on medicines, public…

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