Using Michel de Certeau's 'Walking in the City' to Analyze 'The Roaring Girl'

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Topic: Michel de Certeau's "Walking in the City" Adopt a theoretical framework for understanding cities, personal interactions, or the act of walking from the article, and use it to analyze The Roaring Girl. The play "Walking in the City" paints a lesson that may be applied to personal interactions. Leaders and influential people craft rules regulating social interactions and social norms that please themselves and create the sort of society that works best for them or corresponds with their ideals. This represents the view of New York that Michel de Certeau saw from the height of the Twin Towers. The city was strategized below him in topical and geographical structure; it was laid out in carefully constructed zones according to a detailed and highly thought out architectural plan. These were the endeavors of the architectural strategists of the City. Down below, however, a different scene was taking place. Pedestrians were meandering in and out of the outline, messing up the strategy and adopting 'tactics', or heuristics, that best suited their intentions and desires. "The Roaring Girl" was a script that was created by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker in the 17thcentury. It was astonishing that the authors remained alive and that neither they nor script were excommunicated. The script turns social norms inside out, and, rather than, correcting them to tie in line with the social norms of his period, the author exults in torpedoing them and produces a work that may

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