Using Minimization Algorithm And Cpu Voltage Scaling

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ABSTRACT: The operating cost of the data centers can be decreased by reducing the energy consumption. By implementing various allocation policies of virtual machine allocation in cloud computing the total energy consumption can be reduced up to 14% and total monetary energy costs can be lowered by up to 26%.
The increasing popularity of cloud computing platforms rises the demand for the existing infrastructures like Elastic Compute Cloud and Private Compute Cloud. The increasing number of cloud computing proportionally increases the servers and size of the data centers. The energy consumption cost of this environment has been steadily increasing which is a major concern. Different allocation policies are used to match virtual machines to physical hosts in a cloud environment. Using minimization algorithm and CPU voltage scaling we can deploy high performance computing services and minimizing carbon emissions, energy consumption. This paper explains about seven allocation policies and their affects on energy consumption and CPU load on overall energy cost, in a cloud environment base on dynamic website loads.
Round Robin: This allocation policy for each new virtual machine, it process with available hosts until it finds free resources to host the virtual machine. The next virtual machine, the hosts are selected sequentially, and again selecting the first host that can allocate the virtual machine. This process is continued until all the vms

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