Using Mixed Methods For A Mixed Method Design

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Mixed methods are a combination of both qualitative and quantitative data. According to Sherperis, most researchers define themselves as either a qualitative or a quantitative researcher (Sherperis, C. J., Young, J. S., & Daniels, M. H. (2010). Although it seems that combining the two would be a win-win situation for the researcher as both sides are considered, it is important that there is trustworthiness and that coding is done appropriately. Having said this, it is important that whatever research method is used, the method must be valid Laureate Education (Producer). (n.d.). Using a mixed methods design allows for research to be broader, vast, and have more depth (Sherperis et al., 2010). When conducting research, it has also been mentioned that Sherperis that although researches define themselves as one or the other (qualitative or quantitative) it is not necessary to do so. When performing a mixed-methods design, one must think about how they wish to go about this research. It is imperative to be informed so that there are no issues with validity of the research. Cresswell (1999) has suggested the following prior to partaking in research using mixed methods “1) Determine the order in which you will implement the qualitative and quantitative data of your study, 2) Determine the weight that will be given to the quantitative and qualitative data, 3) determine how the two types of data will be mixed/combined, and 4) determine the theory that will guide your design”…

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