Using Mobile Technologies Within Security Policies Essay

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To protect an organisation’s information security, security policies are implemented to guide employee actions. Companies’ information security efforts are often threatened by employee negligence and the resistance of employees to comply with implemented security policies. With the introduction and popularity of mobile devices, the importance of following security policies has become increasingly important. The need to include the risk associated with the use of mobile technologies within security policies is now imperative to an organisation’s security. This study analyses the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of security policies through previous literature and introduces a guideline for organisations to control the use of mobile technologies. This study will also focus on one policy specific to the organisation Commbank Australia and provide insight into adapting the policy to fit mobile technology use.
Author Keywords
Information, security, policy, compliance
Due to the emerging dependence on information technology for organisational operations, the importance of information security has increased significantly. The role of employees has become one of the most impactful variants in information security (Stanton et al, 2005). It has been a well-recognized fact for many years that companies’ information security efforts are threatened by employee negligence and non-compliance. To such an extent that it is estimated that over half of all information
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