Using Mobile Technology For Farming And Economic Reasons

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Indian government then asked why not create mobile learning through the use of cell phones? The Indian farmers were able to use mobile technology to solicit prospective crops sales around the various remote agricultural communities. The authors, Sampangi, Viswanath and Ashish Ray stated that the Indian government was really on to something “new” with the Indian culture. Does this application not “go beyond” what the theory claims? This writer contends that –“If You Build It They Will Come” (Kinsella, 1982). What are the issues involved in translating theory into practice In further substantiating the previous thought concerning the issues involved in translating theory into practice, there were other researchers who reviewed how the Indian government began to employ mobile technology for farming and economic reasons as well. In another authenticated article that was written by Gikas & Grant (2013) the students’ perspectives in using mobile learning to access information via cell phones, smart phones, and social media was examined. The chart below represents the researchers’ revelation of advantages as well as the frustrations that the students felt while using mobile learning: Advantages Disadvantages Accessing Knowledge Frustrations Anytime/Anywhere Effectiveness of Mobile Devices Mobility/Exploration Little Applied Research Social Media/Instructional Digital Divide (In-accessibility for All) Spurning Growth/Cell Phones/ I Pads Very Little Scientific Research This
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