Using Money to Motivate Higher Test Scores

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Using Money to Motivate Higher Test Scores Using Money to Motivate Higher Test Scores As the 20th century turned into the 21st, there became an exponential increase in the competition in education. There became a sharp increase in qualified students applying for undergraduate education; thus competition for grades and extracurricular activities fiercely rose at the high school level. Yet, the competition among students and parents does not stop or start there. There are waiting lists for daycares and kindergartens across the United States. Before this new round of competition in education began, finding a reliable source of motivation for children and youth has been a challenge for teachers and parents alike. As the United States is a capitalist country, some parents and educational professionals are trying to motivate students with money. Furthermore, money as a motivation for students extends beyond class grades, but is also used to motivate students to prepare and perform well on standardized testing. New research shows that the affects of cash as a motivator for higher test scores are inconclusive. Since 1989, educators have been aware that there are multiple kinds of intelligences. Standardized tests, particularly during the 21st century, have been found to be biased on top of that these tests do not engage all nine types of intelligence. Within this context, the paper will ask and attempt to answer if the use of test scores as a measurement of academic potential is

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