Using Named Examples, Examine the Extent to Which the Development Gap Occurs Within Countries as Well as Globally.

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Using named examples, examine the extent to which the development gap occurs within countries as well as globally. 1) Introduction
The development gap refers to the financial and social disparity between the poorest and wealthiest in society. Where economic indicators are low, social indicators are often also low, whereas the wealthiest countries also enjoy better healthcare and education. This gap has been widening for decades and is at its widest today. The poor are not necessarily getting poorer; in fact nearly everybody has seen an improvement in quality of life over the last 20 years. The reason the gap is widening is because the richest are getting richer and having their quality of life improve at a far quicker rate. 2)
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The liberalisation of their markets and the mobilisation of 1 billion workers allowed huge wealth to be generated and huge disparities to develop. The biggest differences in China are between rural and urban areas, particularly between the megacities of the East and the ethnic rural areas of the East (Including Tibet), culturally there are huge differences with the Han Chinese having far more opportunities and wealth. The restrictions in China on rural to urban migration mean that rural dwellers do not have the same opportunities as those in the cities. China as a result has the largest disparity between its citizens, both economically and socially, It’s not just NIC’s that have huge disparities in wealth, MEDC’s such as the USA also suffer from widespread disparity, this was clearly seen during Hurricane Katrina where the majority of the dead were poorer Afro Caribbean communities who did not have access to education, information or basic transport. This is a problem across America where those who can engage with ‘The American Dream’ have access to huge wealth and opportunity but those born into poor areas statistically stay poor. The world’s largest economy should not have hundreds of thousands of homeless people on their streets.

4) Exceptions
However there are countries where the gap between rich and poor is very

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