Using Nonrenewable Resources And Its Effects On The Environment

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My artifact was a flip project designed for students so that they could learn about nonrenewable resources and how their uses affect the environment. This flip went along with the Illinois Learning Standard for Science 4-ESS3-1, “To obtain and combine information to describe that energy and fuels are derived from natural resource and their uses affect the environment.” I completed this artifact in August of 2014. I did a SMARTBoard lesson flip project and recorded it in a video so that students would be able to watch it at their own pace, unlike in class lecture. I combined an audio of my voice, a power point like presentation, lots of realistic photos, graphics, and gave many examples to enhance my students’ learning. I provided them with real-life examples so that they would have better knowledge and understanding on the subject matter before we met in class. By doing the lesson in a video, we would be able to have more time for activities and for students to share their ideas. Along with the video lesson plan I also created a quiz so that I could assess what the students learned after watching the video. According to the Illinois Professional Teaching Standard Knowledge Indicator 5C, “knows how to implement effective differentiated instruction through the use of a wide variety of materials, technologies, and resources,” I met the qualifications and demonstrated my understanding of this standard. I did use multiple tools in my artifact so that I could provide
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