Using Ongoing Assessment Methods

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Pupils learning and progress needs to be measured against objectives using ongoing assessment methods. Formative assessment methods are ongoing, they are used to check progress continually during learning . These techniques include using open ended questions which encourage pupils to think for themselves and use their own ideas rather than being influenced too much or led by the adult. Observing pupils is a formative assessment method which allows us to gather lots of knowledge about how pupils are progressing. It reveals how they work, interact with others, preferences, strengths, weaknesses etc over a period of time. Observations can be informal and take place on an ongoing regular basis or can be formal direct observations. Listening to pupils describe their work and reasoning, to hear about pupils understanding…show more content…
Pupils need to be encouraged to think about what they have learnt and their progress for themselves and to measure it against the learning objectives and goals set, whilst also thinking about applying this knowledge moving forwards to future learning. Children should be supported, encouraged and praised for focusing on learning goals and their own progress. Summative assessment is the other main form or assessment that teachers use to check learning. Unlike formative assessment which is an ongoing form of assessment, summative assessment is an assessment taken at a specific moment in time in order to measure learners understanding and achievement at a particular point time. Generally this would be at the end of a term, academic year or at the end of a scheme of work. It could take the form of key stage SATS or an end of year report. It is a formal method of assessment which informs a number of people about the levels of a pupils work. It is an assessment which gives a snapshot of pupils learning at a particular
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