Using Outdated Mainframes Is No Longer Viable Pathway For Meeting Their Data Needs

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Organizations are beginning to realize that using outdated mainframes is no longer a viable pathway for meeting their data needs. This in turn has given way for the development and use of Cloud Computing. According to Fee (2013), the “history of the cloud dates back as far as the 1950s” with the concept of “timesharing,” in which several computers within an organization would share one giant “mainframe” computer (Fee, 2013, A brief…, para. 1). This eventually led to the creation of “ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)” by “J.C.R. Licklider,” who hoped “that someday everyone would be able to access data and programs from any location” (Fee, 2013, A brief…, para. 2). Suffice to say, Licklider’s dreams are now a reality as…show more content…
Cloud Computing as it Relates to Christianity “An account of my own ideas about what Christian use of” Cloud Computing “means” (Liberty University, 2015) To understand “my own ideas about what Christian use of” Cloud Computing “means,” a discussion of Jesus’ ministry must first be conducted (Liberty University, 2015). To begin with, Jesus promoted His ministry (usually through performing miracles) along merchant trade routes (Belch & Belch, 2015, p. 151). This in turn promoted the spread of the gospel via merchant “word-of-mouth” into other kingdoms. In a similar manner, the modern day church uses Cloud Computing to promote “God’s Kingdom” through mass media advertising on computer servers around the world (Radloff, 2014, Is…, para. 21). The church is able to achieve this through extending its “operations and content into a new flexible and current media” (Radloff, 2014). Of course, this means total reliance on Cloud Computing, which is not in accordance with worshipping and trusting completely in God. Especially, when considering that “Cloud computing goes hand in hand with another trend: the netbookization and iPadization of the PC, with its transformation into a beautifully designed but lobotomized device that relies on an Internet umbilical cord to do…its actual computing” (Grossman, 2011, Cloud…, para. 8). Hence, to fully understand these benefits and
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