Using Peer Tutoring And Peer Assistance

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Introduction After taking the survey, I now realize I wish I was doing more differentiated instruction in my classroom. I chose a lot of “somewhat agrees” and that means that I sometimes implement differentiation but not always. Reading through all of the questions really had my thinking on how I use them in my classroom. For example: one of the questions I had trouble with was: I make frequent use of peer tutoring and peer assistance in my classroom. I do not do any of that in my music classroom. I could try and have students help me hand out instruments or papers when we use them. Peer tutoring is what I struggled with the most and know for a fact that I do not use that in my teaching. I could however, when teaching quarter and…show more content…
I will sometimes jot down by their name on the seating chart who needs help with what. Doing more formal assessments is a must in my classroom. One example of a formal assessment that I did this past year was teaching the second graders the song “Rocky Mountain.” Once the song was memorized the students would come to the front of the room and sing “Rocky Mountain” for everyone to hear and I would grade them on their singing ability; if all words were memorized, sang each note on the correct pitch and if they sang in the correct key throughout. I found this to be very helpful with their personalities and interests because I found out who really liked singing and who did not really enjoy it. I also found out who was shy and who was more outgoing. This helped me prepare some of lessons for the next few times and I knew who I could call on to sing for everyone. Another strength that I have is helping students set individual learning goals. I recently helped a student who usually has a hard time concentrating and staying on task create a GPAR (Goal-Plan, Action and Result), to help him get through his classes more focused. It worked very well and the student got a great result and therefore I know I will be doing this more next year to help a lot more students become successful. Improvements Some of the improvements that I need to make in my classroom is taking inventory of my students’ learning preferences before I
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