Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Krissinda Richards MKT 421 December 21, 2011 Dr. Dyrren Davis Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing In the world’s market things are constantly changing. Products are introduced, have a growth period, then it starts to decline and eventually replaced with something new.The Thorr motorcycle simulation describes how the product life cycle of the Cruiser Thorr develops and then slowly declines as time and people change. In this situation, the CruiserThorr has had a lengthy product life cycle and the know the question is should the company think of new ways to reposition the Crusier Thorr in the market to appease the next generation or come up with a newer more fashionable model to replace it. Thorr…show more content…
Advertising and doing promotions is another way to attract customers like offering free test rides, organizing parties for the owners of the Cruiser Thorr, providing merchandise giveaways, and celebrity endorsements. With these promotions it will give the customer a since of belonging. Promoting the Cruiser is crucial and the company should make the best way to do this. The use of the internet allows the company to show off their product on a larger scale. By using these parameters the company will be able to stay under budget (University of Phoenix, 2011). The last step is to interpret the market research and is done by plotting the parameters that were chosen earlier. Lifestyle image scored a nine representing the customers viewed this as the most important aspect of the motorcycle. Pricing scored a five which indicates that customers were not happy with price and offering financing will make the Cruiser more affordable for customers who do not have disposable income. Customers viewed Quality engineering as important giving it an eight next to the competition. Service offerings were at a seven indicating that the service was poor thus by increasing the service satisfaction of old customers will potentially attract new ones. Examining these concepts will allow the company to make an informed decision when trying to reposition the Cruiser Thorr into the
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