Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

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Perceptual Maps Simulation
I found this simulation to be very interesting. First of all, it was about motorcycles, and what guy doesn 't find that to be an interesting topic? Regarding the lessons it contained for marketing though, it was also interesting while still being entertaining as well. The situations it presented were realistic, while not being so overcomplicated that the material it was trying to present got lost. In the following paper I will discuss the situations from the simulation, the relationship between differentiation and positioning especially with regards to the product in the simulation, and the effect of the product life cycle on marketing again focusing on its relationship to the simulation product.
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Introducing a brand new, and cheaper, motorcycle to the Thorr line up not only created a new product that was successful, but revitalized sales of CruiserThorr as well. While I was making my choices within the simulation, I had hoped to achieve that goal. The Financing Options and new product might bring customers into the showroom or onto the website that otherwise wouldn 't have visited. This not only generated sales for the new product, but created additional opportunities to sell the existing product as well.
Product Life Cycle
The product life cycle is perhaps one of the most important things for a marketing manager to focus on and understand considering it allows them to effectively plan for the future (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). Everything that occurred in the simulation was directly tied to product life cycles. Initially, CruiserThorr was well within the Maturity phase of the cycle and even beginning to enter Sales Decline. This is what caused the marketing team to evaluate the current situation and decide on a new marketing strategy. After that, the simulation continued to focus on CruiserThorr while also evaluating the effect of the new product of the RRoth motorcycle. This product is in the Introduction stage as it is a new product to the market. That is only the evaluation for each individual product though. As a whole the product of "motorcycle" is in the maturity stage as well. It has existed for

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